As you might have heard that necessity is the mother of invention, you must know that we, as humans have invented several things to make our lives more comfortable. Gas stoves have been helping us out in our kitchens since forever. From gas stoves that worked on kerosene to the latest toughened glass top stove, gas stoves have come a long way. They are so crucial to our daily lives and it is only fair that we spend our time looking for the right one. But with all the variations that are available, it is difficult to choose a gas stove that is most suited for your home. Based on the number of dishes you need to cook simultaneously and the number of family members, we are here to help you choose the best kind of stove for your home. Investing in an appliance that is sturdy and durable will keep your kitchen well-functioning.


This type is usually well suited for nuclear families with two to three family members. They are most convenient for cooking two dishes simultaneously and generally consume less fuel than the stoves with extra burners. They are also cheaper in comparison to three-burner and four-burner gas stoves. They occupy less space in the kitchen and are available in both automatic and manual ignition and in glass and stainless steel body. Most of these appliances are ergonomic in design and designed to make the kitchen look even more appealing. They are very easy to clean and come with drip trays that are detachable. They are found in almost every kitchen and are the go-to choice of stove for most people. Thus you must consider it if your family is smaller or you are a bachelor, living alone.


This type is most suited for families with more than 4 members but is also an ideal choice for smaller families as it allows three dishes to be cooked simultaneously thereby making the entire cooking process faster. They are the most unique of the three because they do not take much space and easily allow you to cook more freely as well by increasing the production time and giving you a faster cooking experience. Three burner gas stoves are also available in automatic and manual ignition. They also come in stainless steel or glass body. It instantly enhances the look of your kitchen and gives it a fresh look from a mundane two burner and an over-friendly four-burner gas stove. Three burner gas stoves are quite spacious, unlike a four-burner gas stove which might become congested if bigger pots and pans are placed side by side but this problem can easily be avoided in a three burner gas stove.


This type is well suited for bigger families with five to six members or more as it allows four dishes to be cooked side by side. It costs more than its counterparts and uses more fuel to cook faster. Though the time taken to prepare one dish is the same on every burner gas stove, the four-burner gas stove allows you the fastest cooking experience as it can cook more than 2 dishes at the same time. They have more features than two burner or three-burner gas stoves. Apart from being extremely time-efficient, these gas stoves are also available in manual and auto ignition and in glass or stainless steel bodies. They might be expensive, but they are your money’s worth as they function well. You might have to keep in mind to look for a product that is spacious because if you choose a four-burner gas stove with burners that are closely placed, then it might get difficult to place big utensils side by side.

You can choose a gas stove in four sizes. Most Indian households prefer a two-burner or a three burner gas stove. Most people don’t opt for a single burner gas stove. Bigger families opt for a four-burner gas stove. Depending on the number of burners and therefore, the size of the gas stove, you can choose your ideal appliance. The four-burner gas stoves are the best and most ideal option for people with not just a bigger family but also for smaller families in order to finish the cooking process faster. If you have a family of six members or more, a four-burner gas stove is a right choice. If you’re looking for something more compact, then you should get a two-burner gas stove but if you also want to increase the speed of your cooking experience, opting for a three burner stove is the correct choice.  All these gas stove types have their pros and cons, but each of them has its unique functions.