Prepping your skin before your makeup routine is extremely important. Even the most famous of beauty gurus and makeup artists swear by this step. This makes applying a good face primer an important step. A primer is exactly what it name suggests, a preparatory product that is applied to the canvas of your face to give you that flawless, smooth base for your foundation application. Primers are available in three formulas- gel, liquid, and cream, all of them work to give your face the perfect glow that you want providing you choose the right type. After more than 15 hours of both primary and secondary research, we think that Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer is the most budget-friendly and designed to meet all your needs. Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer will make most customers the happiest as it ticks all the boxes and is a good deal. Another product that is really amazing is the Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer which is also a must-have. There are several other products available which are also a great choice; we’ll explore them face primers in india

5 Best Face Primers In India Reviews 2020



Blue Heaven is an Indian cosmetic brand that has established itself nicely among its consumers. This primer is easily one of the best primers in India. It is a lightweight formula perfectly blended with silicones and vitamins to soften and soothe the skin, leaving a matte finish to the skin. It enhances the adherence to makeup while applied under foundation or even powders. It is best suited for all skin types. Available in a classy purple tube with a silver cap, this product has wowed its users and remains a top choice. Blue Heaven’s primer will definitely not disappoint primers in india


  • Available in gel form
  • Transparent in colour
  • Quantity- 30gms
  • It enhances the adherence of your makeup as soon as you apply it under your foundation or compact powder
  • It can also be used as a base before you apply your eye shadow and blush
  • The key ingredients include Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone/Vinyl, DimethiconeCrosspolymer, Caprylic Triglyceride, Propylparaben and Vitamin E
  • Packaging consists of a neat good looking tube that is purple in colour with a silver cap in an outer cardboard box
  • It is oil-free and non-greasy
  • It is suitable for all skin types


The Blue Heaven’s Studio Perfection Face Primer consists of a beautiful texture that gives your skin an amazing consistency. It is oil-free and non-sticky and comes with a silicone texture. It glides smoothly onto your skin, and not much product is even required. It is extremely lightweight and smoothens out the uneven texture of your face. It will make your makeup last for up to six to eight hours and will keep you fresh and hydrated, looking absolutely gorgeous. It is a quality product at a low cost and a must-have.

  • Lightweight formula that is non-oily and not greasy
  • Leaves a matte finish to your face
  • It is pocket friendly
  • It won’t cause breakouts as it does not clog the pores and helps your skin breathe
  • It is long-lasting

  • You may not like the smell of this product although it does not have a strong odor

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Lakme is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most loved cosmetic brands in India that offer an array of high-end products. This product is the perfect start for a clear, flawless, and even professional makeup finish. The Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer offers a silk-like formula that brightens, preps, and softens your skin the moment you apply it. The product will help your makeup glide on seamlessly and is super easy to blend. It works perfectly when blended with other products and even as a wear alone product. Available in a black cardboard box with all the details, the actual primer comes in a classy black tube with a silver screw primers in india


  • Waterproof formula that ensures that your makeup stays intact throughout the day
  • Creates the perfect base for your makeup giving you a professional finish
  • Consists of a silky formula that is meant to instantly brighten and prep your skin
  • Makes it extremely easy to blend
  • Available in a cream texture
  • Quantity- 30gms
  • Product dimensions: 30 x 4.7 x 2.8cm
  • Gives a matte effect as it hides imperfections and pores
  • Has a pink undertone
  • Product packaging: The product comes in a beautiful black slim tube with a silver cap and a cardboard box that contains it


This primer looks like a light pink moisturizer and is such a soft textured cream that blends super easily into your skin, leaving your skin plump and fresh. It will glide on your face making your makeup application an easy piece of a cakewalk. The afterglow of the product is a face that is sun-kissed and radiant. It imparts a perfect matte finish to your skin and since it is of a pinkish undertone, it will magically conceal your imperfections and perfectly fill your pores, thus leaving you with a flawless professional finish.

  • Reasonably priced and travel friendly
  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Hides large open pores and reduces fine lines on your face
  • Makes the makeup last long
  • It is waterproof
  • Will not cause any breakouts
  • Has a beautiful soft fragrance

  • It may not be moisturising enough for dry skin which might be an issue for some people

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Another famous brand to its customers, Insight cosmetics has a range of vegan and high-quality makeup products. This product is amazing as it promises to prime, protect, and even moisturise your skin, thus giving a 3 in 1 effect. Available in a gel-like consistency, the Insight primer prepares your face for a smooth makeup application that will be long-lasting. It is a lightweight formula that helps create a smooth canvas by filling in scars and pores and therefore providing even skin. It also reduces wrinkles and creates a flawless looking skin. Available in a simple white tube and a black cover, this product is such a steal.


  • Available in a gel texture
  • Ensures that makeup stays for long on your face
  • Renders a smooth, flawless base
  • Reduces fine lines and pores
  • Quantity- 40g
  • Product dimensions: 5.6 x 2.3 x 10.6cm
  • Moisturises the skin, keeping your skin fresh and supple
  • It is non-comedogenic
  • Product packaging- Comes in a neat and simple tube with the body being white in colour and its cap being black
  • It is travel friendly
  • It is a lightweight formula that is super easy to blend


Insight Cosmetics are free from alcohol, paraben, sulphates, odour and are not tested on animals and are 100% vegan and if that is not enough, its primer is without a shadow of a doubt a crazy amazing product that is not only cost-effective but works like butter on the face. It delivers its promise and works its 3 in 1 magic as it will prime, protect and moisturise your skin, making it super hydrating and leaving your skin looking fresh and beautiful.

  • It is free from oils, alcohol content, parabens and sulphates which make it extremely natural
  • It is long-lasting and budget-friendly
  • It is best suited for normal, oily or combination skin type
  • It won’t lead to any breakouts on the skin

  • It may not be very well suited for very dry skin as it may cause irritation

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Lotus is one of the best brands in India and its products are all high end and quality products that are carefully crafted with their customers’ specific needs in mind. This is such a unique oil-free formula that will smoothen your skin and even out the fine lines and irregularities of your skin, giving it a natural texture. It will prepare and nourish your skin for a perfect makeup application that will deliver a long-lasting satin finish.


  • It is a gel-based weightless formula
  • It is non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t clog the pores
  • It is mattifying and oil-free
  • It is enriched with Vitamin E which acts as an anti-oxidant
  • Product dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 11.5 cm
  • Quantity – 30gms
  • It evens out the skin and reduces the appearance of acne and pores
  • The packaging is simple. It comes in a transparent tube and in a pink coloured cardboard box.

  • It is lightweight and travel-friendly
  • It is decently priced
  • There is no smell or odour
  • Doesn’t make the skin patchy or dry as it is very hydrating
  • Can suit all skin types

  • It might not control oil for very long

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Colorbar is no newcomer to the large market of cosmetic suppliers; the Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer is undoubtedly one of the best primers in India. Its formulation is such that it creates the smoothest canvas for your makeup as it is enriched with Vitamin E. It beautifully conceals fine lines and pores to make your skin’s texture flawless. It doesn’t contain paraben, fragrances, or allergens.


  • It is oil-free and non-comedogenic
  • It evens out the skin
  • It is dermatologically tested
  • Enriched with Vitamin E to moisturise the skin and boost it with antioxidants
  • Quantity – 50g
  • Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 4.7 x 2.5 cm

  • Absorbs quickly into the skin
  • Tones down the redness of the face and acne scars, fine lines and pores
  • Gives a clear glow to the face
  • Decreases the oiliness on your T-zone
  • Won’t break out on your skin
  • Lasts long

  • Is a tad bit expensive than the other products on this list but is still a great choice and worth your money

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Applying a primer prior to your makeup routine will deliver great results to you, but with the plethora of primers available in the market, the problem then lies in choosing the right kind for our skin. Knowing a few basic things about primers will only make it easier for you to narrow down and perfectly choose the best product for yourself.

The four most basic things about any cosmetic product are its brand, price, expiry date, and ingredients.

Brand – Getting a product from a trustworthy brand is obviously so crucial because after all, you are applying the product on your face sp you must ensure that it comes from a brand that has a long-standing good reputation.

Price – This is also another key factor in choosing a product because it needs to fit your pocket pinch. Everybody deserves to find a product that is not only good but also fits their budget just fine.

Expiry Date – Using expired products on your face is a big no. This is because they will damage your skin badly and have also proven to be an ineffective post expiration.

Ingredients – Finding a product with all the right and safe ingredients is also something that you shouldn’t compromise on because they might have a toxic reaction to your skin due to the harsh chemicals that have been used in its formulation.

Based on your skin type, these are the extra few things that you could also consider.

  • Normal skin– You should look for a lightweight, creamy product sans silicones. People with this skin type have smaller pores and little to no fine lines, which means that you can chalk out heavier and thicker silicone-based primers to fill these imperfections.
  • Dry skin– People with this type usually have smaller, fine pores and dull skin. Using a silicone-based primer is not advisable, opting for a silicone-free product is a wiser choice, and the way to go. Go for something that is more hydrating.
  • Oily skin– The worst skin type to have as it is extremely difficult to keep in order and prevent it from breakouts. People with this skin type have larger pores and more visible fine lines and wrinkles. Steer clear away from all products that are not dermatologically tested and have too many essential oils or fragrances. Look for a water-based primer that is lightweight and keeps your skin fresh and supple.
  • Combination skin– This skin type is a little tricky as it is different for different people who fall under this category. But in most cases, this skin type experiences an oily T-zone but are either dry or normal around the checks. Finding something silicone-based will work absolutely fine as it will fill your pores and moisturise enough without pilling up.
  • Sensitive skin– Since this skin type inflames super easily, bearing in mind that you choose a mild water-based primer is the safest as it will not cause any sort of irritation to your skin.

All of the above-mentioned products are from branded companies that are reliable and trustworthy; they are also the best primers in India. Made with extreme care, each of these products has something special to offer for a reasonable price. Find the right product that suits your skin and gives you that effortless glow.