6 Best Refrigerators in India Reviews For 2020

Refrigerators are quintessential and paramount electronic in our homes. A household is incomplete without a working and efficient refrigerator that offers necessary features for our benefit. Be it the providence of a cool glass of water on a warm summer afternoon or the chilled scoops of ice-cream after a delicious meal, the services of a good refrigerator cannot be easily replaced. When searching for the best refrigerators, consumers are faced with a huge list of options, all of them promising something better than the previous one. So in that case, which one should the consumer go for? In this guide, you will get an in-depth review of all kinds of refrigerators that will help you select the perfect one according to your requirements.

After spending more than 6 hours of extensive research and survey of all the top-rated models in the market, we have found that LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is the best pick for overall needs and budget constraints. It is an excellent Frost Free Refrigerator and comes with a Smart Inverter Compressor. In terms of budget, Whirlpool Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator is the best option which has Adaptive Intelligent Microprocessors. However, if you are looking for the best single-door fridge, Samsung Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator would be a good pick as it has sensors to identify voltage fluctuation. Now let us move ahead with the details of our top picks.

Top Refrigerators in India Reviews 2020


Editors Choice: LG 260 L 3 Star Frocst Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG has been a renowned brand in Indian households since years. This frost-free double door refrigerator is an outstanding product that serves all its features and meets all its claims. With a capacity of 260 litres, it’s perfect for nuclear families. Some of the other unique features of this refrigerator include the Ice Beam Door Cooling system that helps maintain the temperature. Moreover, there is a temperature control knob using which you can adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator according to the weather. The refrigerator features a New Smart Inverter Compressor which has been rated as the most efficient and advanced compressor in the market.best refrigerator in india

Product Features and Specifications:

  • 3-stars in Energy Conservation
  • Has a capacity of 260 litres hence can be best suited for nuclear families having 2-3 members or bachelors and students
  • Comes with 10 years warranty on compressor, 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Does not make a lot of noise and would last for years
  • Fast Ice Making
  • Allows multi-airflow
  • Also has a humidity controller to keep your vegetables crisp and fresh for longer
  • The Refrigerator Food Fresh Capacity is 177 litres
  • Comes with a unique door-lock feature
  • Eco-friendly refrigerant

Why should we buy it?

  • Coming from the well-known house of LG, this refrigerator is a brand of authenticity in itself.
  • Packed with various special features and specifications, this is one of the most affordable ones you will find in the market.
  • The 10-year warranty on the compressor allows you to have a long-lasting and durable product usage experience.
  • If you have a small family, this is the best refrigerator for you.

  • Ice Beam Door Cooling System: This system makes it very unique and allows even cooling.
  • Smart Inverter Technology: Every time the electricity is cut, the refrigerator backs up with the home inverter.
  • Fast Ice: Turns water to ice within minutes
  • Humidity controller: Balances the moisture inside the refrigerator
  • Deodorizer: Helps in preventing any bad smell in the refrigerator
  • Spill-proof Tough Glass: Meant to handle heavyweight of utensils and vegetables

  • The number of racks is fixed, no additional racks can be installed for extra usage.
  • Standard size bottle holder
  • Does not have a convertible freezer
  • Only available in one solid colour

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Best Budget Pick: Whirlpool Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

If you have a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality then Whirlpool Frost free double door refrigerator is a great option. It has an auto-defrost sensor which ensures there’s no ice buildup. Due to its antibacterial technology, you don’t have to be worried about your food and vegetables getting contaminated. You don’t have to connect this to an external stabilizer, it works just fine without it. Scientifically spaced air vents and air towers spread fresh air into all sections uniformly for even cooling.refrigerators in india reviews

Product Features And Specifications:

  • 3-star ratings in energy saving
  • Adaptive Intelligent Microprocessor to provide proper cooling in each corner
  • Fast bottle cooling and ice building
  • Fresh flow system keeps the contents fresh for a long period
  • Stabilizer free operating as it has a range of 130-300 volts
  • Antibacterial technology keeps your vegetables fresh
  • 340 litres capacity is perfect for a family of 5 or more members
  • One year warranty on the fridge and 10 years on the compressor
  • Toughened glass can hold heavy dishes
  • Shelves aren’t fixed

Why Should We Buy It?

  • The antibacterial technology keeps your food and vegetable safe and fresh
  • It has a voltage range of 130-300 volts, so it does not require to be connected to a stabilizer
  • The 340-litre capacity makes it perfect for bachelors, nuclear families or even small families who store a lot of food on average
  • The 10-year warranty on the compressor and 1-year of warranty on the product will ensure you get value for your money.

  • The 6th Sense Intellifresh Technology: It provides even cooling to each shelf and corner.
  • Seven Day Garden Fresh System: This keeps your vegetables fresh and crisp for a longer period of time.
  • 340 Liters Capacity: This large capacity will be perfect for all families and bachelors
  • Deepfreeze Technology: Your ice-cream will remain crystal-free no matter for how many hours it has been in there

  • No colour variations, it’s available only in a steel grey colour
  • It’s non-convertible
  • There’s no light in the freezer
  • The LED light is warm yellow, not white

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Best Double Door Fridge In India: Samsung Frost Free Double Door Fridge

Samsung has always been a trustworthy brand for all electronic appliances in our houses. This double door fridge is no exception to that. The most helpful feature of this is that it has a digital inverter technology which means it’ll work just fine during power-cuts. Thanks to the stabilizer free operation, it won’t go haywire during power fluctuation. It also has a movable ice maker and auto-defrost technology. Additionally, there’s a 10-year warranty on its compressor and one year warranty on the fridge.

Product features and specifications:

  • Has a capacity of 253 litres which is perfect for bachelors and small families
  • Inverter compressor is efficient and makes less noise
  • Toughened glass makes for durable storage
  • 2-star ratings in BEE and 3-star ratings in energy consumption
  • Moist fresh zone keeps your vegetable dry and fresh
  • Sliding shelves can be removed and added as per your convenience
  • It is available in black colour
  • Comes with a digital inverter

Why Should We Buy It?

  • It provides even cooling to every nook and corner of the fridge
  • Operates on 130-300 volt, no need for stabilizer
  • Bottle shelves are bigger and deeper than the other refrigerators
  • Removable shelves are easy to clean and you can add more shelves for extra storage space
  • The ergonomic recess handle is easy to open
  • The glass shelves can hold pots and containers of up to 150kgs
  • 253-litre capacity is perfect for small families and bachelors.

  • Big Bottle Space: The bottle keeping section is larger and deeper than other refrigerators. You can put big containers inside it
  • Less Noise: The compressor doesn’t produce loud noises at all.
  • In-built Inverter: Comes with an in-built digital inverter.
  • Removable Shelves: The sliding shelves can be removed and you can add more shelves for your convenience

  • 1-star rating in energy efficiency
  • Is available only in steel and black colour
  • It is non-convertible
  • 253-litre capacity won’t be suitable for families of more than 3 people.

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Best Single Door Refrigerator: Samsung Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

If your residential area experiences electricity fluctuations frequently then this Samsung  single door fridge is perfect for you. It has an auto-sensor for voltage fluctuations; when the voltage gets too high, it will automatically cut-off the power supply. There is an antibacterial gasket which makes sure no fungi can enter into the fridge and also blocks build-up of it inside the fridge. This model also has a digital inverter which is helpful during power cuts.

Product Features And Specifications

  • It has a unique crown design
  • 192-litre capacity is perfect for small families and bachelors
  • Doesn’t need to be connected to an external stabilizer
  • Toughened glass can hold up to 150kgs of weight
  • The anti-bacterial gasket prevents fungi or germs from entering into the fridge
  • The vegetable basket keeps your fruits crisp and bacteria-free
  • The sensors can detect when the voltage fluctuates too much and will automatically shut off the machine so no damage can happen to the product

Why Should We Buy It?

  • The in-built inverter is a great feature especially since it’s a single door refrigerator
  • Anti-bacterial technology keeps your contents contamination-free
  • Direct cool technology keeps each corner uniformly cooled
  • The in-built stabilizer keeps the refrigerator stable during electricity fluctuations
  • The shelves are removable so you can add more of them if needed.

  • Inverter: It comes with an in-built digital inverter
  • Direct Cooling: This provides ample cooling to all sections of the fridge
  • Warranty: It has a 10-year warranty & one year on the product
  • Auto-shutdown: The auto-sensors will shut down the power automatically if the voltage is too much so the machine remains undamaged

  • You have to remove excess ice manually. There’s no auto-defrost option.
  • 2-star ratings in energy consumption
  • Very limited freezer space.

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Best Side By Side Refrigerator: Haier Inverter Frost-free Fridge

This Haier 565 litre side by side fridge is one of a kind in this range due to its rich features. It has a twin inverter that makes it both energy-saving and efficient. The sheer size provides a lot of storage space but the build is in fact the slimmest! All the shelves are spill-proof and made of toughened glass. There’s a one year warranty on the fridge in addition to 10 years of warranty on fan motor and compressor.

Production Features & Specification

  • It has a noise level of 38 dB so your kitchen will be sound-free
  • 565 litre of storage capacity is great for businesses and nuclear families
  • Door lock and stabilizer free operation
  • Fast cooling technology keeps everything evenly cooled
  • One-touch digital LED control panel for adjustments
  • The fan motor and compressor work together to make it energy-efficient.

Why Should We Buy It?

  • Even though it has a large capacity, the build is slim enough to fit in a modular kitchen of any size.
  • This model has the perfect fridge-freezer ratio
  • It has a Holiday function which keeps the inside temperature stable at all times
  • The noise control system will provide you with a nearly silent operation
  • You can cool any item almost immediately with the one-touch cooling system.

  • Spill-proof: The toughened glass shelves are completely spill proof
  • Energy Consumption: The unit consumption per day is only 0.98
  • Stabilizer Free: You don’t need to connect it to a stabilizer
  • Wheels: It has transportation wheels which are lockable so you don’t need a stand to keep underneath it.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty on the fan and compressor

  • 2-star energy conservation rating by BEE
  • There’s no icebox
  • The control panel buttons aren’t backlit
  • The ice tray doesn’t have Teflon coating

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Best Energy Efficient Single Door Refrigerator: Samsung 5 star Single Door Refrigerator

If you want a good, durable fridge within a tight budget and space limits then here’s your perfect choice. This refrigerator offers 7 levels of cooling and the digital inverter automatically adjusts the compressor according to the temperature demand. The free stabilizer operation ensures it works steadily no matter what. With a 192-litre storage capacity, it’s perfect for a small family of 2 to 3 members. Unlike the other single door refrigerators, this model has a 5-star rating of BEE which makes it the best in its range.

Product Features & Specifications

  • The freezer has a storage capacity of 25 litres
  • In-built digital inverter
  • Removable toughened glass shelves
  • Fresh food capacity is 167 litres
  • Has a crown design which is available in various colours
  • 10-year warranty on the compressor and one year of warranty on the refrigerator
  • The design is minimal but there’s an island-style hand to add elegance.

Why Should We Buy It?

  • It has five pockets on the door
  • 192 litre is perfect for small families
  • Has a 5-star rating in efficiency and energy
  • Digital inverter and seven levels of cooling
  • The in-built deodorizer keeps bad odour away from your contents
  • Comes with a divider where you can attach plastic bags for extra storage

  • Stabilizer Free: This function prevents the refrigerator from electrical damage or short-circuiting
  • In-built Deodorizer: The deodorizer keeps your food and vegetables fresh smelling and locks away any bad odour
  • Extra Storage: It has a separate space divider for bottle and plastic bags in addition to the normal shelves
  • Cool Wave: The cool wave technology keeps your food chilled for 9 hours even after power cut

  • You have to manually defrost it.
  • The height is only 4 feet
  • Would require a stand for movement.

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Best Refrigerator in India – Buying Guide 

When you are considering buying a refrigerator, there are tons of them available in the market. At such a time, you might be overwhelmed with options available out there but knowing the parameters by which you should judge the refrigerator would help you to select the most appropriate one for you. Here is a list of the top things you should keep in mind before buying a refrigerator in India:

  • Capacity

The capacity of a refrigerator is the most important and determining factor in choosing which refrigerator you should get. It is measured in litres and depends upon two subfactors i.e., the size of your family and your consumption pattern (meat or vegetables). The size of the family would be necessary to take into account since it will dominate the factor of how much food you will be keeping in the fridge. A nuclear family with one child can do well with a fridge having the capacity of 150-250 litres;  if you have four-six people, 250-500 litre one would suffice; however, if you have more than seven to eight people, you would need a capacity of 550 to 850 litres. The other subfactor based on consumption pattern would tell you if you need more frozen space to keep meat or more open space to keep vegetables.

  • Space

Yet another important factor to consider while purchasing a fridge is the space available at your home. You must always measure the free space where you intend to place your fridge and then move ahead with the purchase. Also, you must make a note of the door length, staircase area and other things from where your fridge would be required to be brought in.

  • Defrosting Type

There are two defrosting types of refrigerators available in the market. The first one is Direct Cool wherein the air circulation follows normal convention method, however, a drawback of this is that there is ice formation in the freezer and you will have to defrost the freezer manually on a regular basis. On the other hand, the Frost Free method is more preferable nowadays since it requires no manual defrosting or extra ice to deal with as it automatically defrosts itself. It is important to mention here that the Direct Cool helps in more energy preservation and is lighter on the pocket as compared to the Frost Free one.

  • Type of refrigerator

There are various types of refrigerators in the market, depending upon their size, purpose they serve and build quality. In order to comprehend which one’s the most suitable for you, it is important to know all their types. There is a single door which has no separate access to the freezer and is very economical. The double door feature usually has tough glass shelves and separate, much larger freezer. The triple door has a separate vegetable drawer at the bottom. The side-by-side one is the largest refrigerator space-wise and has ample storage for vegetables and in the freezer. They also have in-built water dispensers.

  • Compressors

There are two types of compressors: the general compressor and the inverter compressor. The general compressor starts at high speed then continues at regular speed and after a while; they switch off automatically after reaching the optimum cooling and then start over again. The inverter compressors are adaptable, they run in the constant speed and cooling technology throughout so you get even cooling.


Finding the perfect refrigerator for your family based on your requirements is not that big of a deal if you know what you are in for. This guide takes you through the various types of refrigerators you can find in the market and what features and specifications they offer to you. We have listed some of the best refrigerators in the market according to various parameters. We hope you find the most suitable one.