Five Tips To Reduce Electricity Bill Of Your Refrigerator


Refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in our homes, they also consume maximum energy as they need to be kept running throughout the day. They keep our food safe at all times, and we instantly realize their importance if there is a power outage or the refrigerator unit fails. They also keep the food safe from germs and bacteria. Germs are always present in nature, and refrigeration prevents its growth. For these reasons, a refrigerator needs to be running 24 hours a day. But there is no need to worry as there are a number of ways in which you can conserve energy and increase the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Check The Rubber Seal

If the rubber seals of the door are loose and leaky, that is the first sign that your refrigerator is consuming a lot of energy. The seals need to be tight and fitting so that no air passes through. The cold air that passes through the loose seals makes the unit work harder. If you have been using the same refrigerator for quite a few years now, it is possible that the seals may become loose or tear down. If you notice this, repair the seals or replace them as soon as possible to save up on your energy and to avoid your food from getting stale.

Avoid Warm Food

Make sure that the food you put into the refrigerator is not warm. Allow the food to naturally cool down first. Putting warm food into the refrigerator heats up the interiors of the refrigerator and the other foods stored inside it. Taking care of the smallest of things can also make a great change. So always make sure that your food is at room temperature before you put it in. This saves a lot of energy.


All refrigerators require defrosting in order to work properly. The frost that accumulates on the coils forces the refrigerator to work overtime. Even a little ice means the appliance is consuming 10% more energy. Cleaning and defrosting on a regular basis is a must for proper functioning. Defrosting definitely helps in saving energy and reducing your bill. Always keep in mind the frost build-up causes a large waster of energy and money.

Closed Doors

Being careful and attentive to closed doors is the most obvious and cheapest way of reducing energy usage. Keeping a unit open for a long time reduces all the cold air, and then it takes a lot of time for a refrigerator to return to its standard temperature.  Thinking about what you need from your refrigerator before opening it is always smart and useful. Be quick to open and close the refrigerator at all times. Less energy used means less money spent.


The ideal temperature for a refrigerator is 4°C –5°C and -18°C for a freezer. With the temperature set at this degree, the refrigerator will work smoothly and give no trouble at all while using just the amount of energy that is required and nothing more. This temperature is perfect and provides the greatest efficiency. Also keep in mind that with the change in the seasons, you have to change the temperature of the refrigerator accordingly. You have nothing to worry about, the temperature takes at least 24 hours to change but once that is done it will function normally.

If you follow these five tips, it will increase the efficiency of your refrigerator and, at the same time, consumes less energy, which will cost you quite less on your monthly bill. You can also replace your unit if it is an old model and always be sure to look for and Energy Star rated appliance. Wrapping up the food and storing it, not overfilling the refrigerator, is helpful as well. Always remember to maintain and take care of refrigerators as it takes care of the food that gives us energy. If you are planning to buy a new refrigerator check out the buying guide here.