Front Load vs. Top Load Washing Machines— Which one is better?


Traditional washing machines were designed to scrub clothes with soap in a tub of water. And there have been a myriad of ideas for different ways clothes are washed in a washing machine. But when front load washing machines were introduced in the 90s, then the question arose– what kind is better? Front-load or top load. Washing machines have become a necessity in today’s world and most households have one which makes the workload a lot easier and faster. There are pros and cons to owning both a front load as well as a top-load machine. But which one is better? Well, that depends on a number of factors such as reliability, price, which is easier to use, which one washes faster while at the same time consumes less water and energy. The following factors will make your work a lot easier and you will simply be able to choose between a high-efficient front load or a traditional top load.

Which is easier to use?

Well, the answer to this is obvious, top load washing machines are way more convenient because you do not have to bend over to load and unload clothes. Even on a platform, front load washing machines require a certain amount of bending and checking from time to time. This might be a little difficult for people with joint pains and muscle issues, particularly senior buyers. You can also distribute the detergent and fabric softener evenly in top load washers plus you can add clothes in between cycles or after a cycle has started, and it gathers the lint as well after a wash.

Saving water and energy

Front-load washers use way less water in comparison to top loaders. But the high-efficiency top-loaders use lesser water because the drum inside the machine is lifted up, which reduces the amount of water required for washing. Moreover, top loaders tend to wash clothes faster in comparison to front loaders. But when it comes to saving electricity, front loaders are the best as they are more efficient. 


Front-load washing machines are much more expensive than top loaders. They are much more expensive, but the quality of cleaning is worth the price and they consume less energy as well. Plus, front load washers have more features and are far quieter than top loaders due to their advanced motors and suspension systems.

Cleaning capacity

Front-loaders do not have an agitator, one that is present in top loaders, which is a huge advantage as more clothes can be put into front loaders. Also, front load machines are far more gentle than top loaders, top loaders may be easier on your back, but they are also quite rough on clothes.

Installing a machine

In many homes, space becomes the deciding factor for buying washing machines. Many houses have a vertical space or closet for their washing machine, which makes the front loaders the go-to washing machine. Front-loaders can be stacked along with a dryer and so it does not require a lot of space. Front-loaders are definitely more compact.


Front-load washing machines are, without a doubt, more reliable and user friendly. The agitators that are present in the top load machines are tough on the hardware of the machine, whereas the front load machines do not have agitators. So the front load requires fewer repairs as they have fewer parts as compared to top load washing machines.

The Smell Issue

Front-load washing machines have a rubber door gasket and over time, mold forms around it, which in turn releases a particular stench, which becomes a problem sometimes. And a lot of maintenance is required to combat this. But one can get rid of this issue by placing the machines in areas with good airflow and keeping the machine’s door slightly open to minimize the mold problem. Top load washing machines do not have a mold issue.

Buying a good washing machine eventually comes down to the buyer’s preferences and needs. Top loaders are much easier to use and are quite reasonable and pocket friendly, whereas, on the other hand, front loaders are more efficient and have a lot more features and save water and energy as well. Front-loaders definitely has its quirks, and some major advantages and the money and investment put in is worth it. If you have a loose budget and you want the best quality wash, and want a machine that works in silence, front load washing machines are the ideal choice for you.