Gas burners account for a major part of a gas stove. Whether you want to prepare a snack or an exotic delicacy, gas stoves are an essential kitchen appliance. Burners are essentially heating devices that function to distribute the heat to cook dishes. They are usually composed of brass or aluminum. Brass burners are the best material for gas burners as they evenly distribute the heat and help to cook food. They are long-lasting and very durable. Aluminum burners, on the other hand, are the cheaper option and are the second-best after brass burners. There are three major types of gas burners that have been explored in this article below:


Standing pilot gas burners are those in which there is a constant burning flame beneath the vessel. This is the most commonly used type of burner; it is also effortless in terms of the cooking designs as it is often paired with most of the cooking tops. Standing pilot burners use a thermocouple or thermopile to form a flame. This burner type has been used since its inception. These are the uses and benefits of a standing pilot gas burner:


  • Standing pilot burners have been used by people from the very beginning and it is one of the major gas burner types that are used till this date.
  • It has features that have been well tested and produce a better flame than the other burners
  • It is used by people from all over the world.


  • Standing pilot burners distributes heat to homes during the winter season
  • If they are well maintained, the standing pilot gas burners will provide service for a long time and are durable
  • Since they have been tested over time, these gas burners can be used for a very long period

Though this is a simple design, these burners usually consume more energy than the other gas burners.


Electric ignition gas burners have become very common these days and are used by a number of people. This burner was developed after the standing pilot burner, where it was further developed to form an electric base. These burners are a popular choice in the western countries. The electric ignition gas burners work when an electric spark is generated, which ignites the burners and it produces a soft clicking noise. After ignition, the flame can be regulated with the help of a knob. These are the uses and benefits of an electric ignition gas burner.


  • More commonly used in western countries where having electric ignition based burners are more common than standing pilot burners.
  • They do not require any sort of maintenance when compared to the standing pilot burner.


  • They are the latest technology and are the future of gas burners
  • They are user friendly
  • It is more efficient and saves energy 


Another option available in the field of gas burners is the sealed gas burners. These burners are based on a fused cooktop and are surrounded by a bowl that can hold the debris and may lead to spillage of food. They are easier to clean than the standing pilot gas burners and are often used by people these days. They may not burn as hot as the other two burner types but are a popular choice because it is user friendly and easy to clean.


  • Sealed gas burners are extensively used because they are very easy to clean and maintain
  • These are most suitable for smaller households that do not require the continuous and high power of a standing pilot or electric ignition gas burner


  • They do not require maintenance when compared to the standing pilot burner
  • They are user friendly and very easy to handle
  • They do not have any troubleshooting as it is with the other types of burners especially the electric ignition type of gas burners

Gas burners are available in three different forms pertaining to a user’s requirement. Some users prefer standing pilot gas burners because they have been the longest in the game and have proven to be long-lasting while other customers, especially those of the western countries, usually prefer electric ignition gas burners. And some prefer sealed gas burners because they are so easy to maintain and clean. All three burners are ideal, depending on what you want to prioritize.